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Bob Cooley is the author of The Genius of Flexibility and Resistance Flexibility 1.0. He discovered and created Resistance Stretching and Resistance Flexibility Training. It is like a therapeutic workout without any pain. Fascia Training is what we do using Bob Cooley's Method. With our method of assisted bodywork you can remove pain and problems. Most joint, spine and flexibility issues are the direct result of soft tissue health. Myofascial is a term people are becoming familiar with. Myo refers to muscle and fascial refers to the weblike connective tissue which surrounds and holds our muscles together. The buildup of fascia in your tissue restricts your muscles ability to move and makes your body less flexible causing dysfunction and pain.

Fascia is super durable and will not change by just pressing or rolling on it. Only through a muscular contraction and resistance while stretching does your fascia change. Our method leads to the freedom and the health of your tissue and changes that last. Bring your body back to the way nature intended.

Here is a list of some of the current problems we are working on with our clients: Arthritis, Spinal stenosis, Bulging discs, Postural issues, Lower back pain, Neck and shoulder pain, Flat feet, Compartment syndrom, Hip and knee pain.

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